Artificial Grass Essex

Are you looking for artificial grass products in Essex?

Essex Timber Yard offers high-quality artificial grass installations for both residential and commercial properties across Essex. Our selection of artificial grass boasts a true-to-life appearance and texture. Providing the aesthetic of well-maintained grass without the constant upkeep required to maintain it. Our UV stabilized artificial grass requires no mowing or watering. Additionally,  it will retain its appearance all year round and will remain structurally sound for years to come. Not only does our artificial grass boast a premium, ultra-realistic experience. You can also do without the risks that traditional lawns manifest.

No matter the service, you can expect Essex Timber Yard to provide high quality products at cost-effective prices. Whether you're looking for timber, composite decking, garden sleepers, OSB, MDF or sandstone in Essex, Essex Timber Yard can provide you with a top quality product that nobody else can match.

Our artificial lawns are both child and pet-proof. No longer do you have to worry about what might be coming back into the house after your child plays outside. Our artificial lawns are both Mud free and without risk of grass stains. 

When making the switch to artificial grass, Essex Timber Yard provides high quality, water-resistant lawns suitable for all surfaces and are accessible all year round. You will often find most luxury homes have installed artificial grass for this reason. The quality of synthetic lawns has improved so drastically over the years.  It is now becoming hard to distinguish between the two.  Essex Timber Yard are leading suppliers of artificial grass across Essex, supplying only the most natural-looking synthetic grass, offering easy installations and comprehensive customer experience. 

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Essex Timber Yard can supply a variety of fencing, posts and gravel boards to suit all of your needs. Our reputation precedes us on the trades world due to our competitive pricing and customer service. Essex Timber Yard is a one-stop-shop for tradesmen throughout Essex. For more information please do not hesitate to contact or visit us.

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