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Are you looking for garden sleepers in Essex?

Essex Timber Yard are providers of bespoke garden sleepers at a comprehensive price. The use of garden sleepers in garden design has spiked monumentally over the years. As a result, Essex Timber Yard has grown to meet the demand, subsequently becoming a front runner in supplying railway sleepers for both domestic and commercial clients across Essex. Garden sleepers popularity stems from their versatility. Often applications range from raised flower/vegetable beds to steps and garden furniture. People are forever finding new ingenious uses for garden sleepers. so get creative!

Invest in the future of your garden. Garden sleepers are built to last, so after you fill your sleepers with vegetation, you will enjoy regulated growth and water flow. Furthermore, sleepers provide continued protection from the elements, giving your plants and vegetables the best foundation for growth.

We source our sleepers direct from railways contractors. Buying in a large and varied stock. This allows us to supply a wide selection of reasonably priced garden sleepers. 

Essex Timber Yark offers a comprehensive customer experience that is hard to rival.  Not only do we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. But a big focus of Essex Timber Yard is continued customer service excellence. This ethos has garnered us a loyal client base over the years. As they have come to know what service they can expect from us. This experience surpasses the point of purchase, as we want to create great rapport with our customers, assisting them in creating their ideal outdoor living spaces.

When looking for high-quality garden sleepers, Essex Timber Yard provides only the best. Contact us today!

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Essex Timber Yard can supply a variety of fencing, posts and gravel boards to suit all of your needs. Our reputation precedes us on the trades world due to our competitive pricing and customer service. Essex Timber Yard is a one-stop-shop for tradesmen throughout Essex. For more information please do not hesitate to contact or visit us.

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