We do more than fencing, paving and timber

As well as a range of timber, paving and fencing Essex timber Yard also provides a range of other products. From screws and fixings to insulation we provide a wide variety and range of products. Our experts are on hand to guide you to what type of screws and fixings may be needed for your particular project. This one on one service ensures that you go away with the right products at the best prices.

Nothing is more annoying than being halfway through a project, only to realise that you don’t have the right screws, fixings, or parts to finish the job. Give us a call, or pop in and ask our experienced staff for ideas on the best parts to stock up on. Essex Timber Yard also deliver to you, depending on your location, so you can continue to work on your project without the need to stop and interrupt your project.

By taking advantage of the knowledge that we have at Essex Timber Yard, you will know from the beginning of your project, the most effective screws, fixings and parts needed for your project. This will help ensure that once your hard work is complete, the finished project will remain in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Certain screws and fixings are designed specifically for certain materials and purposes. You can also save a lot of time researching this yourself, by simply asking us here at Essex Timber Yard, and we are always happy to chat through your project ideas with you to give you lots of valuable advice. Aesthetically, the screws and fixings that we provide can also make a big difference to your project and the end result.

Essex Timber Yard always has an abundance of stock however we ensure that our products are always organised to ensure it is easily navigated. We supply many tradesmen that may not need the same assistance as other clients. At Essex Timber Yard we understand that tradesmen at times can be under strict time constraints and therefore need to access the correct materials promptly.

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