Bespoke Paving Products

High quality, well designed and installed paving can transform your property. Paving can be used in several areas in your property and can be used on large scale areas as well as the more intricate and smaller spaces. Paving can be a practical solution whilst bringing style to your property. Cheap concrete pathways are a thing of the past with our range of stylish yet practical paving solutions. Essex Timber Yard has a vast range of high-quality products at competitive prices.

Paving slabs are usually square or rectangular shaped and flat which makes them perfect in creating pathways in outdoor spaces. Paving over the years has developed from merely practical solutions and pathways. Essex Timber Yard has designed and installed several paving designs that have become the focal point of gardens and properties. These one of the designs are unique to each person and property. With our custom colour combinations, the designs can be used to pull the rest of your garden and property together. This ensures your stylish garden flows and is unique to you.

Essex Timberyard has a number of specialists on hand to guide you through our vast range of products. We stock riven stone, cobblestone, flat stone and york flagstone. We have recently added a circle and star to our paving range which has proven to be very popular. All of our paving is available in a variety of colours. The standard range of colours includes buff, grey, brown and brick red. Essex Timber Yard also provides paving in custom colour combinations. Essex Timber Yard can supply paving for even the most intricate of spaces.

As well as domestic clients Essex Timber Yard supply a vast amount of tradesmen throughout Essex. Essex Timber Yard proves to be one of the most popular timber yards in Essex due to its competitive pricing and abundance of stock.

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