Essex Timber Yard, based in Braintree, is renowned for its supply of exceptionally high quality and variety of timber. At Essex Timber Yard, we understand that the quality of timber is integral to many designs and structures, therefore we only supply the best quality timber.

Essex Timber Yard supplies a wide range of timber, from wooden posts and sleepers to decking and battens. We can supply these in many different sizes and types of wood. Cladding, plasterboard and flooring are also supplied in a large variety of options. We provide a range of timber and treated timber. Within this range, we are able to provide machine rounded products, including pointed or rounded ends. High quality graded or squared timber is also available. At Essex Timber Yard we always hold a large quantity of stock to ensure the product you require is available for you when you require it.

Not only do we supply high-quality products, but we are also able to cut your timber exactly to the required size. We are also able to deliver your order directly to you within local areas, to ensure that your project can continue to run smoothly, without any unnecessary interruptions.

Our wide range of timber products at Essex Timber Yard ensure that we can meet all clients needs, whether that is domestic or commercial. However, we understand that there may be occasions where you require a more bespoke timber product. At Essex Timber Yard we can work with you to ensure that not only can we meet these specific requirements, but that we also exceed expectations.

All of our timber comes from sustainable sources, to ensure that we play our part in protecting our forests and help to keep them maintained. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit us.

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